Content Management System | CMS

Content Management System | CMS

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What is it?

The Content Management System (the CMS) is a four-component set of technologies each of which plays an important role in making your website viewable for visitors, and accessible to you, the website content manager.
(Note: the right column of this page gives details of each component.)

How it works

The (CMS) is a browser-based, program that resides on our web server. This is important in that because it is browser-based there is no software that must be downloaded and installed on your computer.

You totally control the CMS infrastructure--especially, the content editor-- using your favorite browser, although the CMS is compatible with the major browsers using their latest versions.

Access to the CMS is via a username/password login screen from within your browser. Upon successful login validation all information sent to and received from the webserver to your browser is secure using 128bit-encryption.

How to get started

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just follow the information below. By becoming a client of The WebPLUS Group, you too can look forward to receiving personal attention as other clients have been experiencing. The promise from us is to provide up-to-date technologies, professional treatment, ethical dealings, and prompt, quality service.

step 1 Select a website style for your new website, then choose a Website Hosting Plan (from the same webpage) to have your current or new website hosted by The WebPLUS Group.

step two Download and complete the New Website Questionnaire This questionnaire will give us the information to begin designing your new website or, should you choose one of the pre-built website styles, your feedback will tell us how to 'personalize' the selected pre-built website to your specific business needs and interests. When completed, mail/email it to us.
step 3
Once a website design has been accepted by you, we submit the website pages to several Search Engines including Google. We then publish the site to our webhost where it becomes accessible by the general public

Begin making content edits using the Main Control Panel of the CMS when your login username and password are provided to you.
Contact us to begin the process.

Four CMS Components
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#1: Control Panel: CMS/CP

The CMS Control Panel component (CMS/CP) is the first screen you will see once you provide the correct username and password to the program. Successful entries mean that your CMS work session is encrypted and secured thereby preventing unauthorized users from making changes.

The Control Panel is divided into three columns, the leftmost containing a list of optional features to select for integration into your website. At the very top of the rightmost column is a link to view the online Help file. Below this is a partial list of the editing features of the WebVE. The middle column contains the main functions of the CMS, specifically: Webpage Backup, Webpage Editing, Webpage Viewing, and Webpage Restoring.

#2: Visual Editor: CMS/WebVE

The Website Visual Editor component (CMS/WebVE) is a website content updating tool specifically designed for the non-technical person. Using a Microsoft® Word-like interface content managers can easily and visually add/change/delete content within selected webpages of their website.

The WebVE supports the basic text editing features--word or paragraph bolding, italicizing, centering, cut, copy, paste, among other features. Advanced editing features include table creation and management, inserting internal and external links, and inserting and positioning image files, and more.

#3: Data Base: CMS/DB

The DataBase component (CMS/DB) of the CMS provides several levels of website file recovery. At the page editing level a 'Webpage Backup' should be done. Doing so will enable you to recover your last content updates should something go awry with the current editing session. Should this happen you would then use the 'Webpage Restore' feature to put things back as they were.

At the webserver level all of your files and content are backed up daily. For additional data recovery protection all files belonging to your website at the webserver are downloaded daily to the server's external storage system within the office of The WebPLUS Group.

#4: Server Reliability: CMS/SV

The Server Reliability component (CMS/SV) is the webserver infrastructure that manages all the equipment and software necessary to help ensure the near-perfect availability and access to your website and its files. The technologies "behind the scenes" are leading-edge and constantly upgraded as warranted.

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Content management system | CMS
Content Management System | CMS
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